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It's time to rethink the car wash. Lavacar is a new concept in which you get your car cleaned at your most convenient time in Montreal. No more going out of your way, no more waiting in line, we bring the car wash directly to you. We come clean your car directly at your workplace.

Think of it this way, we fit ourselves perfectly into your agenda and it is available in Montreal.

Here's how Lavacar works; You gather some co-workers, choose a bright and sunny day, and we come clean your car at the office. It's that simple!

If you need your car washed while at the office, there is a very reputable business in Montreal named Lavacar that can help you get your car cleaned. You will enjoy the ability to order car cleaning service for you and your fleet or vehicles for your co-workers. Being able to drive around in a clean car is what you as an executive deserve when it comes to making sure you are always looking presentable.


Welcome GROUPON customers,

In order to effectively serve all our new clients, we've created a schedule of mobile visits according to neighbourhoods. Please take note, the schedule changes every week. Please let us know if this schedule doesn't suit you. We will be able to find a solution!

Here is the link to the GROUPON booking tool. Schedule your visit directly here, register your home or workplace car cleaning according to your neighbourhood and pick a day that suits you best. In the spirit of convenience, we invite you to get in touch with us for a booking at a later date. Please note, in case of rain, we will reschedule a visit, we want you to really enjoy your clean car! We will reach out to you in case of cancellations.

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